LION from Sveti Nikole is a successful company that has 80 employees, producing quality confectionery products. LION started the production of chocolate and chocolate cream to later expand the production of biscuits and small cakes.

The manufacturing process is HACCP and ISO certificated. LION products are rewarded with gold medals at many fairs and festivals. Besides the domestic market, the products of LION are distributed in many countries of the region and Europe. The volume of production of confectionery is with a plan for steady growth and increased production, the conquest of new markets and expanding range of products.

LEONA is a brand.


Great companies are built on the principle to do the right thing every day. The treatment of business partners, customers and employees should be honest, fair and with respect.
Show respect for employees. Doing business with integrity.
Taking responsibility for our actions.
Providing the highest quality products.
Focus on productivity at every level of business.
Pursuing innovation and support every day.


In LION employees are treated with dignity and respect. LION aim to provide a safe working environment for its employees, to ensure fair remuneration for services rendered. LION stands for integrity, honesty and integrity.

Mission "
  • · Leading brand
  • · New innovative products
  • · Quality and safe products
  • · Proactivity in each employee
  • · Permanent maintenance of sanitary and hygienic protection of the products
  • · Constantly increasing the satisfaction of our consumers
  • · Partnership with all our customers and suppliers
  • · A step forward regarding the quality in terms of competition
  • · Investment in the development of new technologies and knowledge
Production images
Our team
Riste Ristevski
We are producing five-star products for the price of one
Katerina Goneva
We are producing five-star products for the price of one
Kircho Gonev
We are producing five-star products for the price of one






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